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Natasha Davis: What a BRILLIANT invention!!! I’m ordering a pair for my daughter and have recommended it to everyone I know. As a teacher I know once remarked “I hate having to tie shoelaces for kids when I’m doing yard duty. They’re always damp and you know its because they’ve stepped in puddles in the toilets, not in the yard!” I think she’d LOVE this creation!

Lexie Hooker: Absolutely LOVE these Safe Lace I think that school children across the country should have these as a part of their school packs. Preppies can tie their shoelaces but OMG they never STAY done up. Here is the answer to the prayers of primary teachers across the country. Thank you !!!

Gulsun Karatas: Thanks to Safe Lace Talia has a smiley face:) 
Awesome invention & I happily recommend it to all parents who struggle keeping laces tied!

Louise Stewart: Thanks so much Safe Lace. My son absolutely loves them!! No more tying laces at Basketball or school : )

Adele J Pitt: I purchased the Safe Lace at the Gold Coast Expo and wore my new Safe Lace’s the next day at the Half Marathon. They were wonderful…. I will never worry again about my laces coming untied and they are so easy to use…. Just put them on your shoes and GO!

Stu Russell: This is the best product I highly recommend you get on it. My pair has been going strong for a year now in obstacle races with over 100kms under their belt and no sign of wear.

Amanda Steidle: Love these Safe Lace and no more double knotting! Thank you Safe Lace for your #turbosuperchicks support : )

Raquel Low: Awesome product! I’ve had safe lace for a year now and they are still going strong. I use them at the gym six times a week. About to buy my son a pair for school and a pair for sport.

Lisa Priest: A year ago I started wearing Safe Lace as I trained for my first half marathon. Many, many kilometres later I now cannot imagine running without them as I have never had to stop to retie my laces since. My daughters have them on their school and hockey shoes also and love them as they are simple and easy for them to use also. Thank you! I cannot recommend them highly enough.

I have been wearing the safe lace for the past week and half on different job sites, and it has been the first time since becoming a convert to lace up boots I have only had to tie a single knot and get away with it not coming undone ! Thats 30 seconds in the morning and 30 seconds in the afternoon, thanks for the extra 240 minutes a year safe lace! Oliver DuRieu – Electrician Adelaide

Hey Safe Lace! Since recieving your product a few weeks ago I have not had to re-tie my laces since!
Now when one of the other trades laces come loose I stomp my foot in front of them and tell them to get some of these! SAFE LACE!! – Zach Perovich



Place an order of 2 or more Safe Lace and you will receive Free Delivery no matter where you live!

Sick of having to stop and retie your laces?? Worried about your children tripping up on their untied laces?? Worksites and untied laces = DANGER! No matter what your industry, work, sport or play, child or adult… WORRY NO MORE!

Our lace locks has fixed this problem for everyone… for good!

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Suitable for Adults or Children of any age!

SAFE LACE will allow you to never again have to worry about your shoe laces coming loose or undone.
Stay safe, prevent injury and enjoy being frustration free!! *FREE SHIPPING for order of 2 or more.

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